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한국가족자원경영학회지, Vol.24. no.3 (2020)

DOI : 10.22626/jkfrma.2020.24.3.001

건강가정지원센터의 1인 가구 대상 특화 프로그램 방향성 모색 – 서울시 사례를 중심으로


(울산대학교 아동가정복지학과 교수)


(한국문화관광연구원 연구원)


(성신여자대학교 사회복지학과 교수)


(울산대학교 아동가정복지학과 강사)

This study aimed to suggest the direction and guideline of specific program for single households in the Healthy Families Support Centers. This study focused on Seoul area. To collect the data the in-depth interviews for 9 staffs managing the program for single person in field are progressed. The major results were as follows. First, we found the demand and validity of a specific program for single person households. Because they are different each other in the context of age, sex, marriage experience, everyday life and need for program. So the specific programs can give higher satisfaction to the single person household. Second, to manage the specific program effectively in field we need the retraining of staffs, sharing materials between centers and other institutions, presentation and communication about the information on program management in field.
  1인가구; 건강가정지원센터; 프로그램 특화 모형 ;single households; Healthy Families Support Center; Program-Specification-Model

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