ISSN 1738-0391(Print) / 2713-9662(Online)

한국가족자원경영학회지, Vol.24. no.2 (2020)

DOI : 10.22626/jkfrma.2020.24.2.003

군 간부의 다문화교육경험이 다문화수용성에 미치는 영향


(중앙승가대학교 사회복지학과 강사)

This research seeks to examine the relationship between multicultural education experiences and the multicultural acceptability of military officers. The sample included 552 Republic of Korea Army officers and non-commissioned officers(NCOs) who were located in Gangwon-Do and Gyeonggi-Do. For the statistical analysis, SPSS 18.0 was used to perform descriptive statistical analysis, frequency analysis, differential verification, and multiple regression analysis. The major analysis results are as follows: First, The multicultural acceptability of the military officers and NCOs, including sub-factors, was above the mean level; in terms of the ranking per sub-factor, the scores were in the order of diversity, relationship, and universality. The experience frequency of the targets and the evaluation was lowest in the educational experience within the military, and the evaluations were in the order of public media, school, and military. Second, The differential verification, depending on the characteristics of the sociology of the population and the existence of the multicultural educational experience, showed that the duration of education(personal factor), marital status(family factor), existence of a foreign relative(family factor), and existence of experience of managing multicultural personnel as soldiers under command(military-related factor) showed a significant difference in multicultural acceptability. Additionally, the existence of multicultural education through schools and public media lead to a significant difference in multicultural acceptability, but the existence of education within the military did not lead to a significant difference. Third, The analysis of the influencing relationship through multiple regression analysis showed that the higher the evaluation of multicultural education through the military, school, and public media, the higher the multicultural acceptability.Therefore, this research proposes multicultural educational plans that may improve the multicultural acceptability of military officers and NCOs as a way to establish a multicultural composition in the army.
  다문화교육; 다문화수용성; 다문 화군대; 군 간부;Multicultural Education; Multicultural Acceptability; Multicultural Military; Military Officer

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