ISSN 1738-0391(Print) / 2713-9662(Online)

한국가족자원경영학회지, Vol.24. no.2 (2020)

DOI : 10.22626/jkfrma.2020.24.2.002

중소기업 근로자의 일·생활 균형을 위한 가족친화경영 우수사례연구


(광주대학교 가족복지전공 교수)


(한국건강가정진흥원 가족친화컨설턴트)


(한국건강가정진흥원 센터지원본부 본부장)

This qualitative case study focuses on five small and medium-sized enterprises which have put family-friendly management into successful practice. Through in-depth unstructured interviews with five human resources managers and ten employees , we describe each firm’s approach to work-life balance including working hour reductions, breaks, work flexibility, and parental leave to build an overall picture. We also discuss the four key factors of the CEO’s role; democratic communication between all staff, the usefulness of family-friendly certification as a starting point; and governmental support for promoting work-life balance at small and medium-sized enterprises. Finally, we suggest three political implications of governmental support, namely CEO education, changing the criteria of family-friendly certification to redefine working hours and work flexibility, and incentives specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises.
  질적 사례 연구; 가족친화인증; 중소기업; 일·생활 균형;qualitative case study; family-friendly certification; small and medium-sized enterprises; work-life balance

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